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Carey Davidson, M.A.C. Founder/Director - Intervention ASAP

"We respond to all requests within hours. We travel anywhere in the world to help."

"The intervention process
transforms reactions into actions.....while not easy,
interventions are an empowering experience for all involved."

Carey Davidson is an Intervention Specialist who founded InterventionASAP out of a sincere desire to help others. 


Carey holds a Masters degree from Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies, addiction counseling ( MAC). Carey is soley focused on Intervention Services and Recovery for those whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse and other maladaptive coping patterns.


His personal experiences in sobriety, relapse and back into recovery provide extraordinary insight into the addictive mind set and recovery.  Carey is well studied in all models of intervention processes and practices only proven addiction intervention methods and implements the best combination of techniques for each individual intervention for addiction. 


Carey grew up the son of a prominent minister, and is an example of how even the best of homes offer no immunity from the disease of addiction.


After earning his BA from Northern Arizona University, Carey began a career in the world of television advertising. While he was developing professionally as a successful executive, he was also a functional alcoholic until his life began to unravel. 


Sixteen years ago, Carey was three years sober then relapsed.  Ultimately his relapse into alcohol and prescription addiction cost him everything but his life.  Carey’s  sister and parents cared enough to intervene but he talked his way out of the intervention as it was performed by a person who did “intervention” work on the side... which failed miserably. Carey’s family's next stategy was to not bail him out of jail after he was arrested as a direct result of his addictive lifestyle.  

Carey has been able to guide concerned families and friends through many successful interventions and believes in the changes they bring to all participants; focus is on helping the people who care about a person struggling with substance abuse.


His communication skills, experience and insight have proven to be invaluable assets when working with all involved in the addiction intervention process.


Carey conducts many of the interventions personally, finding great reward in being on the “firing line of life.”  He is also available for speaking, consulting and recovery coaching.

While InterventionASAP has our corporate Intervention office for interventionists in Arizona based in Phoenix | Scottsdale AZ , our family interventionists travel anywhere in the world. Faith based, Christian Interventionists are available upon request.

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