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Successful Intervention Stories & Testimonials

Successful Intervention Stories and Testimonials

Karen, I would like to thank you and extend our sincerest appreciation for the time and knowledge you put into helping us get my wife into treatment. I never thought we could put something so professional together so quickly. I know in my heart we could not have gotten her there without your presence and experience. You were a true blessing and godsend to our family. Thank you, Thank you!     
      - Sam, husband in Chandler, Arizona

“Thank you so much for all your help, guidance and support! As I reflect on the time during the intervention, I realize the importance of professional presence. We could NEVER have done this on our own. Thank you for helping our family through this process. It is a relief to be out of the “pain and crisis management” department.”
        - Adela, Wife in Phoenix, Arizona

"I wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for giving me my life back. Without you, I would never have gone to treatment, and probably would never have lived to see today. So much has happened in my life…I just wanted to say Thank You Very Much!"
        - Gregory in Glendale, AZ

“Kelly’s father and I had the best night’s sleep we have had in four years, and I can recommend InterventionASAP, and the recovery center to anyone, and I tell everyone how compassionate they are. We were a family with no hope, and now thanks to your services, we are a family with hope and a future.”
        - Leslie, Mother in Scottsdale, Arizona

“I don’t know how to thank you enough for all you have done for my family.  You are a blessing & you have a very special gift. We feel so lucky to have found you. Thank you… from the bottom of my heart!”
        - Diana, Grandmother in Washington, DC

”...Again, my many thanks for so caringly and professionally guiding my son and his family. You were a comfort to my wife and me for more than a week. You were a major help to my son...and I shall not hesitate to urge anyone who asks me for a recommendation for an interventionist to get in touch with you.”
        - Rick, Father in Minneapolis, MN 

“I was very anxious about doing an intervention. You made me feel much more confident which gave me the strength I needed to get through the ordeal. Thankfully, my wife was willing to go to treatment. I felt much better knowing that you were escorting her to the treatment center. I very much appreciated that you continued to communicate with me throughout the process. Thank you for your professionalism, encouragement and ongoing support."
        - John, Husband in Los Angeles, CA

“I am proud to call Carey Davidson my son – but along with my wife Martha, that was not the case just a few years ago. The anguish, blame, feeling of failure, and yes the feeling that my son had betrayed us and all we believed in was overwhelming. But today, Carey is a testimony of God’s forgiveness, and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We all want to believe our children will follow in our steps but that is not always the case. Often we are blind to the pressures brought to bear on our children from outside sources. 
I want to encourage you to seriously consider InterventionASAP when you need help.”

        - Pastor Guy Davidson

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"When I started researching treatment choices for my daughter, I was terrified, not knowledgeable, and uncertain as to what to do. Carey, you helped make me and our entire family feel like 'We were in good hands.' It is obvious that you are an expert at drug abuse and intervention.”
       - Sara, Mother in Denver, CO

"Karen’s personal style is no-nonsense and firm, but without being overbearing or impersonal.  She calms people down.  She affirms them.  She is a credible encourager.  She brings spiritual health to her work, showing sincere compassion for family members for whom this is one of the most difficult undertakings of their lives, and gives them words of hope that carry more than mere sentiment.  I most heartily recommend her services to you.  I cannot imagine how you could be disappointed." 
      -Rev. Ken K- Ly
nden, Washington

“We were terrified when our son did not accept help immediately during the intervention, but within six days - SIX DAYS – my son was getting help at a first class drug treatment center! Enough said! The best advice I received during this difficult ordeal was to call Intervention ASAP and follow what is suggested. I cannot improve on that advice.”
        - Peter, Father in Houston, TX 


“I cannot emphasize strongly enough the need to have a person with your skill set involved in helping. Our family would NOT have been able to convince him to go. My son would not be in rehab today were it not for your help Carey, I don't know how you did it!!!”
        - Kelly, in Kansas City, MO

"Thank you so much for rearranging your schedule and leading the drug intervention for my brother ...I am so happy that you were able to convince him to enter rehab ....thank you so much for your kind help."
        - Diane, Sister in New York City, NY


“Because of your guidance and advice ...we got our son into rehab last week.  After desperately seeking help locally, we were told that our son…would have to make the phone call himself and schedule an appointment. Your team at InterventionASAP was able to give us the kind of information that made it possible to obtain the help our son needed right away.  It was a relief when we learned that we could help raise his bottom. We will always be grateful for our new life.”
        - Martha, Mother in San Diego, CA


“Words fail me when it comes to finding the appropriate ones to thank. I have never experienced such passion and caring for a person suffering from the disease of addiction. I was so proud to be part of the healing process. I will always be grateful to you.”
        - Pat, Friend in Chicago, IL


“Our family wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being there for us. From the first moment on the phone we had a feeling that your working with us was the answer our family needed. We had tried on our own unsuccessfully to convince our daughter to seek help, and now we understand why you are 98% successful. We were way too emotionally involved and lacked the knowledge that your professional help brought.  We put our hope in you, and it worked!”
        - Annette, Mother in Tempe, AZ

“All I can say is that I wish I had known about your services five years ago. Thank you so much for everything you did to help our family.”
    - Shelly, Wife in Cave Creek, AZ


“Our son was going with you to treatment within 37 hours of calling you. I didn’t realize how quickly it could all start to turn around. Simply Amazing. Thank you for being there.”
        - Andrew, Father in Phoenix, AZ

Dear Karen, Thank you for your help yesterday.  It would have been a very different event without your coaching and guidance.  You've obviously done this a few hundred times. 

       Frank - Father in Paradise Valley, AZ

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